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How to Avoid Having Flat Tires for Ebike

Road emergencies are sometimes unavoidable even if we try our best to mitigate their chances. However, some roadside emergencies are more likely to occur than others and flat tires are one such example. Flat tires can not only be troublesome for car users, but they can be a headache for ebike users as well.

How to Avoid Having Flat Tires for Ebike

A flat tire in simpler terms is a tire that has lost a major chunk of its air pressure. In more specific terms, a tire whose pressure has gotten below 20 PSI is generally termed as a flat tire. A tire with such a low pressure isn’t deemed fit to be used on the road, therefore, it is suggested that the puncture or the leak be repaired immediately.

The reasons behind a flat tire vary, but most punctures are caused by road debris that ultimately leads to a total or partial loss of air in the tire. As with any other roadside emergency, the risk of flat tires can also be reduced by following some precautionary measures. Some tried & tested tips are elaborated below:

Ride Carefully:

Chances of a flat tire can be reduced significantly by riding carefully and avoiding rough patches or road sections littered with sharp debris. This may sound like an overly cautious approach for an ebike rider, but it is well worth it because a flat tire can spoil your entire ride and waste a good chunk of your precious time.

The old saying prevention is better than cure fits perfectly in this context. However, you shouldn’t take matters too far as it will make your ebike rides a bit tedious. Moreover, try not to forget about other road hazards while preventing rough patches as protecting your ebike’s tires isn’t the only goal.

Make Sure Your Ebike has Enough Tire Pressure:

It is a fact that low pressure in tires is ideal for off-roading as it provides more surface contact which increases the grip. Though, it is also noteworthy that low tire pressure makes tires prone to punctures. Therefore, it is important that you maintain the recommended tire pressure in your ebike or bicycle’s tires. A brief tire health check will save you considerable trouble on the roadside or out in the wilderness. In case low tire pressure is absolutely necessary for the terrain you are traveling on, then make sure you re-inflate your tires once you’re back on paved terrain.

Make Sure Your Ebike has Enough Tire Pressure

Regular Tire Inspections are Necessary:

Most of us shy away from inspecting our car and ebike tires even though it can be an incredibly useful habit. Noticing any sharp object that may have penetrated the tire tread would allow you to pick it out before going on a ride. Even a small sharp object can inflict considerable damage on a tire which can render it permanently useless. In case your tire has already been repaired several times then it is a wise choice to opt for new ones as they will provide better protection against punctures. Off-roading tires generally last longer than their on-road counterparts but they should also be replaced once their grooves have shredded to almost 20-30%.

Implement Tire Armor for Your Ebike:

Tire armors aren’t a popular choice, but they can be very helpful especially if your ebike commute is on rough patches and flat tires have become a constant headache for you. A tire armor, as the name suggests, is a rubber layer that wraps around the inner tube of an ebike or bicycle’s tire and provides cushioning & protection against harsh external elements. Ebike tires are not cheap by any extent of imagination and wrapping them with tire armor can prolong their lifespan and make your rides hassle-free. Though, using tire armor doesn’t mean that you can ignore the maintenance of the tire itself. The tire should be looked after properly as the tire armor doesn’t make it puncture-proof.

Implement Tire Armor for Your Ebike:

How to Prevent Flat Tires on Electric Bikes:

We have already discussed some tips on how to avoid flat tires but some additional tips can really save you from a lot of trouble. If convenient, try using rim tape as it will protect the tire from internal damage. Furthermore, thorn-resistant tires & tubes are a great choice if you are trying your best to say goodbye to flat tires. Lastly, if you dare to take the extra mile, then both the slime & tire liner are worth a shot. Both have been tried & tested by numerous cyclists and they really are great at reducing the risk of flat tires.

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