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7 Reasons To Get An Electric Bike As A Holiday Gift

An electric bike is a superb holiday gift idea. It can benefit your loved ones in many ways, from promoting a healthy lifestyle to giving someone their independence.

7 Reasons To Get An Electric Bike As A Holiday Gift

In this post, we will discuss the top reasons why an electric bike is an excellent holiday gift.

Main Benefits Of Electric Bikes

Health Benefits for Riding an Electric Bike

It may surprise you that an electric bike has many health benefits. Even though the electric motor assists your pedalling, you can still get a great workout.

Many people find that they ride their electric bikes more than their regular old bikes. This is because electric bikes are much easier to use, thanks to their electrical assistance.

For example, you are more likely to ride an electric bike to run errands than a regular bike. So you will leave the car at home and pedal your electric bike to the shops. This will make you fitter in the long run.

Electric bikes are gradually replacing the car for specific journeys. This is because you can carry cargo and passengers thanks to the extra torque from the electric motor. The motor allows you to carry more weight up hills, so you don't have to drive as much.

Best Method to Lose Weight for Low Impact Exercise

Riding a bike is an excellent way to lose weight, but an electric bike allows you to ride longer before getting tired. This means you can get more exercise and burn more calories.

Don't think that riding with assistance won't burn calories. Your bike only uses a small amount of electricity and is quite heavy. Therefore, you are putting in the effort to keep moving.

How much effort you put in depends on the level of assistance you choose. You can take it easy, let the motor do most of the work, or choose Eco mode to get a workout.

By using your electric bike several times a week rather than your car, you can burn calories consistently. Over time, you will lose weight and gain a healthier lifestyle.

Riding an electric bike is also low impact. So it is kinder to your joints than going for a run. This makes them great for people with mobility issues, as they can remain independent and gently exercise.

Faster Commute Speed Than In A Car

The problem with driving a car through town is that your speed is limited by traffic. However, this is not a problem for ebike riders, as they can use cycle paths, pavements, and shortcuts.

The average speed of an electric bike in the city is far greater than a car. So you can get to your destination quickly while enjoying the health benefits and saving money.

Another benefit of riding an electric bike to work is that you can arrive without being sweaty. If you commute on a regular bike, you will need a shower when you get to work, which is not always possible.

Electric Bike Benefits

You can choose a higher assistance level on your electric bike on your ride to work. This will make your commute easy and fun. But you can select a lower assistance level for your way home and get some exercise.

The combination of higher speeds and less effort keeps you cool. So you can start your workday looking as fresh as when you left home.

Save Money in Long Term

The costs of running a car can be huge, and they are most people's second most expensive possession after their house. Thanks to insurance, maintenance, and keeping the fuel tank full, they are expensive to run.

Many people can improve their lifestyle by diverting money to other more beneficial things. This is where an electric bike can help.

Of course, the initial expense of an electric bike is significant. Still, throughout ownership, electric bikes are much cheaper than a car. The money you save can go to more enjoyable things, such as vacations and other fun stuff.

Electric bikes can't yet replace cars for all journeys, but several ones on the market can reduce how much you use your car.

Facing Fewer Regulations & Restrictions Than Cars

In many regions, electric bikes are still regarded as regular bikes. Therefore, it is unlikely you will need a license or insurance to ride one.

This means there are fewer regulations to deal with than driving a car, making electric bikes more accessible.

However, there may be laws and restrictions in place where you live. So it is best to check out what is and isn't allowed, so you can stay on the right side of the law.

These restrictions may include a limit on power, speed, and where you are permitted to ride electric bikes.

Be Green & Save the Environment

Everyone should be doing their best to reduce their carbon footprint. Every trip you make on an ebike rather than a car will considerably help you be much greener.

Be Green & Save the Environment

An electric bike isn't 100% green, as you need to charge up the battery, and of course, it has production and transport costs involved before you even buy it.

However, the impact on the environment is much less per mile for an ebike than it is for a car. Electric bikes produce no pollution while being ridden. So if more people ride ebikes rather than drive into cities, the air quality will be significantly improved.

Easier to Climb Slopes Than Traditional Bikes

Electric bikes make it easier to get around in hilly areas than regular bikes. The pedal assistance, combined with the bike's gears, makes climbing hills a piece of cake.

If you buy an electric bike with a powerful motor, such as the SDREAM X 750S, you will find hills much more manageable than ones with smaller motors. More powerful ebikes also accelerate faster, making them fun and allowing you to speed out of harm's way.

However, an SDREAM UR 500X has a less powerful motor, but it still has plenty of punch for most people's commutes.

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