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Common Types of Electric Bikes Explained

There is an incredible number of types of ebikes available. This is because ebike manufacturers keep seeing gaps in the market and developing various bikes to fill them.

In this post, we will go into some of the different types of ebikes, so you know what is available and how they can enhance your life.

Types of Electric Bikes

Folding electric bikes are excellent if you need something portable and compact. They are usually smaller and lighter than regular electric bikes, as they have smaller wheels and shorter wheelbases.

These bikes put you in an upright riding position, which makes them ideal for riding through traffic, as you can get a good view of your surroundings.

The portability of folding electric bikes allows you to store and transport them easily. For example, they don't take up much room at home or work, and you can take them on public transport or in your car.

In addition to this, you don't have to leave your folding electric bike unattended while you are working. You can find somewhere safe to hide it inside, away from the thieves in the street.

Folding electric bikes are made to be as light as possible to make them more portable. Therefore, if you need to carry your bike up lots of stairs, a lightweight folding ebike is a great solution.

Electric Mountain Bikes

You can buy electric mountain bikes for all types of terrain. Whether you need to ride on tranquil forest paths or take on big alpine terrain, there is an electric mountain bike to suit your needs.

If you ride light off-road trails, you don't need anything too fancy like a full-suspension mountain bike. But if you want to ride more technical terrain, you will need to spend more money on a more rugged bike.

You should buy an electric mountain bike with a mid-drive motor for serious off-road riding. These bikes are more efficient and have a better weight distribution than a hub-mounted motor. Their torque sensors give you a more natural pedaling feel, making them better for riding in tricky areas.

More powerful electric mountain bikes are more expensive, but they are more capable. But, you need to find out if more powerful electric bikes are permitted in your area.

If you don't intend on riding technical terrain, you will get away with a decent electric bike with a hub-mounted motor.

Electric Hybrid Bikes

People who ride electric hybrid bikes love them for their versatility. They combine the characteristics of a traditional road bike and a mountain bike.

Therefore, you get a tough electric bike that is more user-friendly than a mountain bike. This makes an electric hybrid bike an excellent choice for commuters. These bikes can cope with potholes and carry luggage without being too heavy for day-to-day use.

Electric Commuter Bike

Electric commuter bikes are designed to get you through cities as easily as possible. They work best on smooth and flat roads and are incredibly fun to ride, so they have a long-range.

To make riding in cities safer, commuter bikes give you an upright riding position while being comfortable to ride. They are ideal for getting to and from work, running errands, and visiting friends.

Electric Commuter Bike

Commuter bikes are not generally designed to carry cargo or for hilly areas. But you will find ones with small cargo racks. The people who ride them want to get around easily without getting sweaty.

Electric commuter bikes are often used as lifestyle vehicles, so high power and speed are not prioritized.

Due to the nature of commuter bike riding, they need to have decent torque, acceleration, and high-quality batteries. This is so the bikes can cope with the stop-start traveling that comes with riding through cities.

Many electric commuter bikes have a throttle mode. The advantage of a throttle mode is that you can ride your electric bike without pedaling. Therefore, if you want to take it easy, you can just ride your electric bike like a scooter.

Mechanical vs. Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Electric bikes come with either mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes. Mechanical disc brakes are pretty strong and make the bike less expensive than hydraulic disc brakes.

However, hydraulic disc brakes are much more powerful and give you more control. Therefore, they are safer while allowing you to ride faster, as you can use the enhanced stopping power when you need it.

For more information on electric bike brakes, check out the blog.

How to Buy the Best Electric Bike

As you can see, a few considerations will influence your ebike purchase. The main thing to think about is what you want to use your ebike for.

You don't want an electric bike that isn't suitable for the job. Nor do you want to spend too much money on a bike that is overkill for your needs.

But you need somewhere to start, so why not check out the bikes on offer from SDREAM?

An excellent example of a commuter bike is the SDREAM Ur 500X. This bike has a 500W motor, sleek styling, and exceptional comfort.

One of the Ur 500X's main advantages is its folding frame, making it a superb electric bike for city living. It folds up to a compact size, so it can be used for "last-mile" commuting and is easily stored at your destination.

An alternative to the Ur 500X is the SDREAM X 750S

Fat Tire Electric Bike. This also has a folding frame, but it has a more rugged design.

This folding electric bike is comfortable to ride both on and off-road. You can cruise for miles on pretty much any surface with ease. Its high-volume tires enhance comfort and give you lots of traction, giving you lots of confidence in the bike.

To help you power uphills, the X 750S has a punchy 750W electric motor, but to keep the speed in check, it has powerful hydraulic disc brakes to keep you in control and safe.

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