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Folding Monster

Crossover Ready


  • 48V 750W motor with up to 25 mph full electric speed.

  • 48V 10.5Ah battery with 50mi (80km) range.

  • Foldable design. Lockable, hidden battery.

  • Full suspensions & All-terrain fat tires.

  • Intelligent torque sensor & 7-speed gears.

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Unprecedented Middle Suspension


  • 36V 350W motor with up to 15.5 mph full electric speed.

  • 36V 5.2Ah battery with 38mi (60km) range.

  • Foldable design. 44.3lbs (20.1kg) super-lightweight.

  • Patent middle suspension.

  • Torque sensor / speed sensor & 7-speed gears.


Founder of Speed Revolution

It's a pedal-assist as well as a throttle control bike. It was amazing! It's fatter tires so it's better in more different conditions. I highly recommend you go and check one out.


Pro mountain biker

It's a very versatile ebike. I ride it in the mountains, on the trails here in So Cal. I can move easily in and out of people in crowds, along the ocean.


Pro mountain biker

We really had a good time, riding up all these steep hills and ride off-road in the dirt. With this amazing bike, being able to keep riding it, further than I would on my regular bike.

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