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Ultimate Electric Bike Repair And Maintenance Tips

As with any bike, electric bikes need to be looked after. These vehicles are fun and convenient, but they are also expensive. Therefore, regular maintenance will protect your investment and prevent you from having any inconvenient and preventable problems. It will also prevent costly electric bike repair bills.

Top 6 Bike Maintenance Tips

  1. Tires

Check your tire pressures - Riding with incorrect tire pressures affects the handling of your bike. Also, under inflated tires increase your rolling resistance, which can negatively affect your range. You can buy pumps with integrated pressure gauges or more accurate separate digital pressure gauges.

Know how to fix a puncture - When you get a puncture on a bike with a mid-mounted motor, fixing it is the same as a regular bike. However, repairing a puncture on a bike with a hub-mounted motor is more complicated. You need to know how to disconnect everything before fixing it and how to reconnect everything afterward.

Buy electric bike tires - Electric bikes are heavier than regular bikes; therefore, they have specific tires. These tires are designed to take the extra weight and demands associated with the motor and battery system.

It is essential to make sure your electric bike tires are suitable and in proper working order for your rides. Tires made for electric bikes have strong sidewalls, lots of grip, and are somewhat resistant to punctures.

2. Battery Maintenance

At SDREAM, we consider your electric bike battery to be its most crucial component. You need to pay close attention to the manufacturer's instructions on charging it before you plug it in. If you charge the battery incorrectly, you can damage it, reducing its lifespan and the range it gives you.

Replacing an electric bike battery is costly, so you want to delay the inevitable by looking after your electric bike battery. Electric bike battery repair is possible, but it depends on the condition of the damaged cell. If they are too far gone, it is time to replace your battery.

3. Brake Pads

Electric bikes need to have good stopping power, thanks to their extra weight. Therefore, you must make sure they are working at their best.

Before you set off on a ride, check your brakes for excessive wear on both the pads and discs. If you don't feel comfortable in your abilities, take your electric bike to a bike shop to check it over for you.

If there are obvious signs of wear, change the pads or discs, or both as necessary.

4. Check The Bolts

When you ride your bike, you may hear creaks coming from it. This may be due to loose bolts. Loose bolts can cause more severe problems if they are not attended to. Therefore, before each ride, check the tightness of your bike's bolts.

It is best to use a torque wrench to check your bolts. These tools allow you to get the perfect tightness, not too loose, not too tight. Over tightening bolts can cause big problems too.

5. Lubrication

Chain lubrication keeps your electric bike's drive train running smoothly and quietly. A well-lubed chain will move with less resistance, increasing the efficiency of your pedaling.

Lubrication prevents dirt and grit from building up on your chain, which would speed up the wear of the drivetrain.

It is essential to keep your chain lubricated to help keep your bike in full working order.

There are two main types of chain lubrication you should know about, wet and dry lube.

Wet chain lube can be used in any weather condition but is primarily meant for wet weather. It is water-resistant, so rain and puddles won't wash it off. Wet lube does not dry onto the chain, so, unfortunately, dirt will stick to it. Therefore, you need to clean your chain regularly.

Therefore, dry lube is meant for dry conditions. It dries onto your chain, so your chain will be dry to the touch while being lubricated. In addition, dirt does not build up on dry lube, so you don't need to clean your chain as often. But it does require regular reapplication.

6. How To Clean An Electric Bike

Cleaning your electric bike is an essential task. A clean bike is much nicer to ride, but it also slows down the inevitable wear and tear of components. Cleaning your electric bike allows you to inspect it and become familiar with its components.

An electric bike can be washed with water, just like a regular bike. However, you must not use a pressure washer on an electric bike. Use a mild degreaser and a bucket of soapy water. Simply agitate the soapy water with a cloth or soft brush to clean the frame, chain, and cassette.

You can buy specialist chain cleaners, cleaning kits, and bike sprays too. These are excellent and allow you to do a thorough cleaning job on your bike. When cleaning around the motor, be careful to not overdo it with the water. It will probably be watertight, but you don't want to take any risks.

Bonus Tip! - How TO MaximiZe Battery Range

Electric bike riders are very interested in how far their bikes will take them on a single charge. Naturally, therefore, it is essential to know how to charge your battery correctly. Still, there are some things you can do to extend its range.


Often electric bike batteries can be recharged thousands of times, so you shouldn't have to replace yours for many years. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep your battery topped up whenever you have the opportunity.

Some electric bike commuters like to keep an extra charger at work, so they can charge up their battery for their ride home.

When storing your bike for an extended period, try to keep it 30% to 60% charged. It should also be kept in a warm place, as cold temperatures can run the battery down. So avoid keeping your battery in the garage or shed.


The lowest level of assistance an electric bike has is usually labeled as "eco mode." Eco mode will require you to pedal harder, but it will give you the longest range. On the other hand, higher assistance modes will make pedaling easier but will reduce your range significantly.

Wind resistance

Wind resistance causes your motor to work harder, depleting the battery quicker. The faster you ride, the more wind resistance you will experience. Therefore, if your battery is running out of charge, ride slower to reduce the effects of wind resistance.

In addition to this, you can think about what you are wearing when you ride. For example, baggy clothes will cause more wind resistance than tighter fitting ones.

Look after your battery

Electric bike batteries are heavy and expensive, so you need to take care when attaching and detaching them from your bike. Also, make sure you follow the electric bike manufacturer's instructions on looking after and charging your battery.

Final Thoughts

If you follow these tips, your electric bike will stay running smoothly. There is nothing too challenging here, and by performing these simple tasks, you will be able to enjoy your electric bike for many years to come.

If you are looking for your first electric bike, or want to replace the one you have, check out the SDREAM X 750 S and Ur 500X.

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