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What Makes SDREAM E-bikes So Unique?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

About the Brand- Who is SDREAM

The SDREAM team is made up of passionate electric bike enthusiasts. The team uses technology and innovative design to encourage people to join the electric bike revolution. They love to inspire people to be environmentally friendly while enhancing their lives with electric bikes.

We have put our efforts into creating incredible electric bikes and are very proud of our achievements. We are sure you will love the SDREAM Ur series of folding electric bikes and the powerful X750S folding full suspension electric bike.

About the Brand- Who is SDREAM

Why Makes Our Electric Bikes So Unique?

1) Beauty And The Beast

SDREAM electric bikes are eye-catching for all the right reasons. The styling is unique and tasteful, but it is not all form over function. We use the best hydroforming techniques (Model applied to X series only) to create a frame that is strong enough to take whatever you throw at it.

We have selected a high-end aluminium alloy and magnesium for our frame materials. Combining unique construction and the material's stiffness, our bike's frames give them agile handling and excellent vibration damping for a smoother ride. The design provides our electric bikes with head-turning looks, strength and excellent build quality all in one package.

Compact & Foldable Ebike

2) Compact & Foldable

Our engineers haven't just designed the frames to be strong, but they have added convenience too. With 3 simple steps, you can fold our bikes into a compact size. The process of collapsing an SDREAM electric bike takes seconds without the need for tools.

The compactness makes SDREAM electric bikes very versatile. Storing these electric bikes at home or at work becomes effortless, which is makes them ideal for commuters. You can even take them on to public transport to complete your daily commute more quickly.

The compactness of SDREAM electric bikes also enhances leisure time. Carry them in your car or camper van for weekend adventures. They make great run-arounds during trips away while allowing you to explore further from your base with ease.

SDREAM electric bikes

3) Powerful Motor

We take care to select the best electric motors for our bikes. With extensive development and testing, we have chosen motors that balance power and efficiency perfectly. The motors are powerful brushless D.C. motors, controlled with an excellent LCD controller mounted on the handlebars. The LCD is easy to read and allows you to select 5 customizable pedal assist levels. It also gives you essential information, such as battery status, while letting you use more advanced settings. As an additional feature, the controller has a built-in USB charging port for your phone.

Depending on which one you choose, our bikes have a top speed of 15.5 or 20mph on electric power alone. These top speeds are more than enough for most electric bike rider's needs.

Choose from one of the 5 assistance levels to get some light exercise or a more intense workout. Alternatively, you can reach these speeds with a twist of the throttle and give your legs a rest.

4) The Hidden Force ( Apply to X Series Only)

The super-efficient batteries that power SDREAM electric bikes give you an extended range. Therefore, you can ride for longer between charges. But, the batteries are also cleverly hidden within our bike's frames. The stealthy design enhances the bike's clean lines, but it also protects the batteries. The batteries are safe from dust and water while being automatically locked inside for theft protection.

All-terrain Adventures Electric Bike

5) All-terrain Adventures

The superb SDREAM X electric bikes are equipped with a two-stage damping system. This system sees shock absorption on both wheels, which creates a much more comfortable ride. By reducing vibrations that transfer into your hands and body, you can ride longer before getting tired. Also, the SDREAM X electric bikes roll on fat tyres. These tyres have a much larger contact patch with the ground than regular tyres. Therefore, you can be confident that you have enhanced grip and off-road capability. In addition to this, the tyre's large volume improves the bike's ride quality.

But, you don't have to choose a bike for off-road riding to get a plush ride. The SDREAM Ur has an exclusive patented suspension design. The ride quality is refined by an innovative rubber anti-vibration damping system. While riding through the streets and on rougher surfaces, this system neutralizes 95% of vibrations when riding through challenging terrains.

Where Can We Buy SDREAM Electric Bikes?

European Customers in the U.S. can buy their SDREAM electric bike directly from our U.S. website. Alternatively, you can go through our official U.S. distributor

Customers can buy their SDREAM bikes through

How Much Do They Cost?

The SDREAM Ur 500X is a gorgeous looking and high quality folding electric commuter bike. You can get on the road for just $1,199, or in the E.U., you can jump on an SDREAM Ur 250X from €1.399,00.

If you like something a little more rugged but no less stylish, you may want to opt for the SDREAM X 750S. In the U.S., you can own one of these powerful and versatile machines for $1,599 or $1,699 in the E.U.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, we are proud of our electric bikes and have used our passion and skills to develop unique electric bikes. If you like what you see, check out the bikes for yourself. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at 833-243-2223 or email at; we would love to hear from you.

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