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What Is The Best Ebike For The Money?

There are more choices for electric bikes these days. So much so, it can be confusing to work out which is the best one for you.

What Is The Best Ebike For The Money?

In this post, we will give you a selection of ebikes that answer the question of "what is the best ebike for the money?" We will also give you some information to help you choose which one is best for you.

What Are the Different Classes of Electric Bike?

Electric bikes fall into three classes. The classes are defined by how the bike assists you and how fast it allows you to ride.

Class 1 electric bikes assist you while pedalling up to a limited top speed of 20mph, and their motors cannot exceed 750W. Class 3 electric bikes work in the same way. They also have a maximum power output of 750W, but their top assisted speed is 28mph.

Class 2 electric bikes can assist your pedalling, but they also have a throttle. This means you can ride the ebike like a scooter without pedalling. Electric bikes in Class 2 are limited to 20mph.

Are E-Bike Motors Important?

More powerful electric motors will allow you to accelerate faster; they will also have more torque than ones with less power. This means that they will climb hills and carry heavier weight easier.

However, a more powerful motor will drain the battery much quicker if paired incorrectly.

What About the Ebike Battery?

Most people are more concerned about the battery range than the motor's power. This is because you need to get where you want to go before the battery dies.

The majority of electric bikes have four or five assistance levels. These levels can boost your pedal power from 25% to 200%. Riding in the higher assist modes is lots of fun, but it does deplete your battery quicker.

One of the factors you need to consider when it comes to the battery on an electric bike is the charge time. This is especially important if you intend to ride your ebike on long commutes.

Other Features You Should Keep It in Mind

Electric bikes are becoming more feature-rich as they evolve. Some features are more valuable than others. But here are a few good ones:

Integrated batteries are located within the bike frame. This protects the battery, keeps it secure, and gives the bike a sleek look. You can remove the battery to charge it or swap it for another.

Some electric bikes have wide tyres. These give you extra grip, so you have lots of control. Fat tyres also smooth out the ride, making it more comfortable.

You will be thankful for good brakes in an emergency. Therefore, look for an ebike with disc brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes are best, but mechanical ones are still pretty strong.

Best Option for City Commuter & Economical Ebike -SDREAM UR 500X

The SDREAM UR 500 X is a fantastic electric commuter bike that is excellent value for money.

One feature that makes this electric bike so great for commuting is its foldable frame. It folds to a very compact size in just a few seconds, making it easy to transport or store.

Its punchy 500W rear hub-mounted motor makes it a fast electric bike, perfect for whizzing through cities with ease. It also has a 60km range, which is more than enough for most commutes.

Luxury and Higher End Ebike - Stromer ST3

The Stromer ST3 is a Class 3 electric bike with excellent handling. One of the great things about it is that the hub motor has regenerative braking. This charges the battery when you brake, extending the range.

You can connect your phone to the ST3 to enjoy a whole host of extra features. For example, you can get ride analysis, an anti-theft mode, tracking, and more.

Most Customisable Electric Bike - Electric Bike Company Model X

People who buy the Model X love that it is virtually silent when they ride it. They also love the relaxed riding position and powerful motor.

In addition to this, the Model X provides a smooth ride, thanks to the fat tyres and comfortable saddle.

What makes it customisable is a range of accessories and upgrades. For example, you can buy a front basket that houses one or two batteries, a rear rack, custom frame colours, suspension seat post, GPS tracker, and more.

Low Maintenance and High-Quality Ebike - Gazelle Ultimate C380

The Gazelle Ultimate C380 is a very well thought out electric bike. It is also well equipped.

A 500Wh battery powers the mid-mounted motor and is nicely hidden within the frame. It has hydraulic disc brakes and a low step-thru frame that is well balanced.

What makes the C380 low maintenance is its belt drive and Enviolo Trekking Manual stepless gear system.

This electric bike is super comfortable, too, thanks to its ergo leather grips, Selle Royal saddle, and suspension in the steerer tube and seat post.

If you don't mind paying the extra cash, the C380 is a great higher-end bike for riding around town.

User-Friendly Step-Thru Ebike - Izip Simi Step-Thru

The Izip Simi Step-Thru is a great little bike for cruising around. It is super comfortable, thanks to its upright riding position.

It comes with fenders, a rear rack, a kickstand, and lights to enhance its user-friendliness. The drivetrain and motor engagement isn't as smooth as the SDREAM UR 500X, but it works well.

This electric bike has a range of about 62 miles, as long as you keep it in its lowest assistance level. But, you can only go about 15 miles in its highest assistance mode, so it is probably best to just cruise.

Speedy Ebike Choice - Aventon Pace 500

The Class 3 Aventon Pace 500 has an assisted top speed of 28 mph, thanks to its 750W motor. It has five assistance levels, so you can manage your range easily. But it also has a throttle.

The top speed is limited to 20mph when you ride with the throttle. This is a legal thing and not something Aventon has chosen to do. So if you want to reach 28mph, you need to use your legs.

To transfer that power to the rear wheel, the 500 comes with an 8-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain. And to keep it in check, powerful hydraulic disc brakes.

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