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What is an Ebike?

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Bikes have pretty much remained the same over time, but their practicality and eco-friendly nature have made them relevant to this date. However, nowadays, we are seeing an increasing number of e-bikes silently passing by on the streets which makes many of us question what is an e-bike and how is it different from a standard bike?

What is an Ebike?

What Exactly is an Electric Bike (E-Bike)?

An e-bike, in layman terms, is a mildly electrified version of a simple bicycle, meaning, it has an attached electric motor that assists in propelling the bike. The electric motor, in turn, is connected to a rechargeable battery pack that supplies it with the power necessary for its operation. Aside from what an ebike is, this article will also answer several other queries related to an ebike, so buckle up and get to know what a modern ebike has to offer.

Candidates for Riding an E-bike:

The greatest advantage of owning & driving an e-bike is the fact that there is no need for a driver's license, insurance, or even registration. However, unlike a conventional bicycle, a battery-powered ebike can or should only be ridden by someone who can handle it. This means that older people and children under 12 years should be barred from riding an e-bike. Since ebikes are also an emission-free means of transportation, albeit with a limited range, therefore, they are incredibly popular amongst the youth and other age groups who want to try something new & exciting.

Ebikes are available in different configurations, but some of them can be referred to as speed bikes due to their instant acceleration and relatively high top speed. Keeping in mind a new riding experience and a relatively swift acceleration some ebikes have to offer, they should mainly be driven by youngsters and adults.

What is Pedal Assist?

What is Pedal Assist?

Modern ebikes are not just a combination of an electric motor and a battery, in fact, they are also equipped with an assistive feature called pedal assist. The pedal assist, as the name suggests, helps you climb a steep hill or push through the wind easily. It works by a button provided on the control column, and its intensity is usually divided into three modes that can be controlled by the same button.

The sensor attached in the motor automatically detects whenever you’re struggling and it automatically turns on the electric motor’s assistance that delivers a push proportionate to the force you are applying on the pedal, provided you have already turned on the pedal-assist mode. This feature greatly reduces stress and allows a person to swoop through some of the steepest hills quite easily.

Purpose of Throttle on an E-Bike:

Ebikes are sort of a hybrid in between a purely electric motorcycle and a simple bicycle, which is evident by the presence of a throttle on the handle. This throttle works in the same way as in a motorcycle and delivers the power to the rear wheel by the electric motor. When engaged, it allows you to ride the ebike without delivering any input to the pedal, but if you want to, you can engage the pedals quite a bit to increase the speed or just for fun. Worthy to note here is the fact that many throttles are also programmable like the pedal assist, which limits or enhances the power output of the ebike.

How Fast Can an Electric Bike Go?

Another question that is on the minds of many people interested in an ebike is how fast it can go. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single answer to this question as the top speed varies from ebike to ebike and there is no speed limit when it comes to pedaling. However, the electric assistance ceases as soon as your ebike has reached a speed of 20 mph. This is true for class 1 and class 2 ebikes, though, a class 3 ebike, which is essentially the most superior version of an ebike, can reach a top speed of 28 mph. Lastly, you should keep in mind that higher speeds gained by electric propulsion will cause the battery to lose its charging faster than its usual rate.

How Fast Can an Electric Bike Go?

How Long Does the Battery Last?

Speaking of an ebike’s battery, many people are also interested in knowing the life span of its battery. This is a good question, but it has a rather tricky answer. Nowadays, all the ebikes use Li-ion (Lithium-ion) batteries that are energy-dense & lightweight, but at the same time, their charge-holding capacity is limited by charge cycles, though this doesn't necessarily mean that their lifespan doesn’t matter. On average, an ebike’s Li-ion battery remains operational for 800-1000 charging cycles or 6-7 years. The good thing is all these batteries are portable and relatively affordable and you can replace them quite easily whenever there is a need to.

How Much does an Ebike Costs?

Like many other factors, the price of ebikes also varies from one another. Though some of the basic or entry-level ebikes start at around $800 to $1500 and you can expect decent specs & performance from them. Whereas, Sdream’s X750S & the Ur 500X ebike has a reasonable price tag of $1,599 and $1,199 respectively in the U.S, in the E.U, the X 750S costs €1,699 and the Ur 500X is yet to be introduced in the European market. Interesting to note is the fact that some of the fastest e-bikes can even cost nearly upwards of $10,000 which for an ebike seems pretty steep, even so, enthusiasts are ready to pay such a sum, mainly to experience what a premium ebike has to offer.

What Kind of Maintenance Will I Need If I Have an Ebike?

Ebikes are pretty light on maintenance mainly due to their simple working mechanism and design. Nonetheless, their maintenance is pretty similar to a simple bicycle that includes replacing only the brake pads and lubricating the chain in the short run. Some other measures include chain, sprocket, and tires replacement which are pretty much an expected cost of maintenance in the long run. The interval for these upkeep procedures depends upon your ride intervals and the terrain & conditions in which you are using your ebike also matter a lot.

What Kind of Maintenance Will I Need If I Have an Ebike?

Where can I Buy the Best Ebikes?

Now that we have discussed all the important aspects related to what an ebike is, it is now high time to figure out where you can buy the best ebike. Different brands have different ebikes that cater to the needs of various customers, our team at SDREAM, design and make some of the best ebikes available in the market that are both versatile and trendy. Not only are our ebikes attractive, but they are also packed with compact yet powerful batteries & motors that are made in such a way to make your commutes hassle-free. So, make sure that you check out our offerings whenever you are in the mood or need to buy an ebike.

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