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Top Electric Foldable Bike Brands 2022

The best electric foldable bike is one that meets all of your needs. Many have different characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, so finding the best electric foldable bike for you can be challenging.

Top Electric Foldable Bike Brands 2021


This post breaks down the best foldable electric bikes according to what they do best. Therefore, it will be super easy to choose the best foldable electric bike for you.

We will also go into a few details about electric bikes to help you make a more informed decision.

Best For Portability: Sdream X 750s Foldable Bike

Best For Portability: Sdream X 750s Foldable Bike

In our opinion, the SDREAM X 750S is an excellent foldable electric bike. It has many characteristics that suit many people, but it sits proudly at the top of the list when it comes to portability.

There are, of course, smaller bikes, but they don't have the style and quality of the SDREAM X 750s. Neither do they have the comfort level you get from its innovative suspension coupled with its oversized fat tires.

With 750W on tap, powered by a quality battery with Samsung cells, you get plenty of grunt and range.

The stylish frame hinges in the middle to shrink the bike to a compact size in seconds.

Best Ebike Value: Rad Power Rad Mini

Best Ebike Value: Rad Power Rad Mini

The Rad Power Rad Mini is also pretty compact when folded. Still, it is also pretty powerful, thanks to its 750W motor. Like the SDREAM X750S, the Rad Mini is a fat tire bike, but this one has a suspension fork to soak up the bumps.

It doesn't have hydraulic disc brakes like the SDREAM, but it does have mechanical disc brakes. They are not as powerful, but they help bring the price down, making it pretty good value for money if you are prepared compromise.

Best Feature Rich Ebike: Tern Vektron D8 Folding Electric Bike

Best Feature Rich Ebike: Tern Vektron D8 Folding Electric Bike

Tern is well-known in the e-bike world for making tiny bikes. But they are also very good at squeezing lots of features into a small package.

The Tern Vektron D8 has a mid-mounted Bafang M400 electric motor that whizzes you up to 20mph. It also has a pretty good range for a small bike, which sits between 25 and 56 miles, depending on how you ride.

The motor is hooked up to the excellent 8-speed Shimano Claris drivetrain, which is precise and reliable. To top off the list of features, Tern has fitted the D8 with powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

Best for RV'ers: Aventon's Sinch Model

Best for RV'ers: Aventon's Sinch Model

The Aventon Sinch is an alternative to the SDREAM X750S, as it performs well on all kinds of terrain. However, this foldable electric bike has less power at 500W, but this does have its advantages.

The motor is still pretty punchy and has enough torque for climbing hills. You can use the pedal assist modes or ride it with just the throttle. But the smaller motor makes it lighter while taking up less space.

This compactness makes the Sinch a good option if you don't have much space. Therefore, it is great for RVs, boats, or small apartments.

Best for Carrying Multiple Person: Tern GSD S10 Ebike

Best for Carrying Multiple Person: Tern GSD S10 Ebike

Electric bikes are becoming better alternatives to driving, especially when they can carry more than one person.

Tern's GSD S10 folding e-bike is our top pick for carrying a passenger. It has a robust frame that encloses a 250-watt Bosch electric motor. The motor magnifies your pedal power by up to 275% until it reaches 20 mph.

The motor may seem small at 250W, but it has lots of torque, so it can haul nearly 400lbs on its 20" wheels.

This foldable electric bike has room for two battery packs, which gives it a claimed range of 150 miles.

Best Ebike Wheel: E-Joe Epik Carbon

Best Ebike Wheel: E-Joe Epik Carbon

Buying a foldable electric bike based on its wheels may seem a bit odd. But the E-Joe Epik Carbon might just change your mind, thanks to its 20" magnesium wheels.

The benefit of magnesium wheels is that they are strong and lightweight, which helps with your range and riding experience.

Spinning these wheels is a torquey 500W Bafang hub motor, powered by a 528 watt-hour battery. The battery is neatly hidden within the frame, protecting it and keeping the frame looking sleek.

To smooth out the ride, you get a suspension fork that does a great job of reducing vibrations. An added bonus of this foldable electric bike is that you can ride it on the throttle without pedaling.

What You Need to Know About Electric Bike Motors

In a nutshell, most foldable electric bikes use a rear-mounted hub motor. These sit in the center of the rear wheel, they are not as efficient as mid-mounted motors, but they lend themselves to a foldable electric bike well.

The main reason hub motors are used in these bikes is that they don't take up room on the frame. Therefore, frame designers can engineer the folding mechanism without it getting in the way.

What About Wattage?

Many foldable electric bikes have motors with 250-350W. However, the more powerful ones, such as the SDREAM X750S, are much better for climbing hills and accelerating, thanks to their increased torque.

What you need to remember, though, is that more power requires more energy. So you need to take note of the battery powering the motor.

The figure you need to pay attention to on the battery is its watt-hours (Wh). The easy way to know if the battery is any good is to remember that the bigger the number, the more energy the battery holds. Higher watt-hours mean you can ride further between charges.

What About Bike Wheels?

The size of a foldable electric bike's wheels is a significant consideration when buying one. Wheel size determines how compact it can fold down to, how it handles, its ride quality, and the terrain you can ride it on.

You will notice that most foldable electric bikes have 20" wheels. This is a good balance between compactness, ride quality, and handling.

If compactness is a big priority, you may want to opt for a foldable electric bike with 16" wheels.

You will see that some foldable electric bikes have full-size road bike wheels. These 700c wheels will give you a smooth ride and make your ride more efficient. However, what you gain with a traditional bike's feel and performance, you lose in compactness.

Which One Should You Pick?

Which foldable electric bike you choose all depends on your circumstances. But in our mind, you can't go wrong with the SDREAM X750S. It has many excellent characteristics, including long-range, good looks, and compactness without breaking the bank.

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