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How to Remove Bicycle Grease from Clothing

Maintaining a bike, car or any machine is a satisfying task for many of us, however, one needs to be prepared to get his hands & clothes dirty. Generally, it is the gloves or the apron that bear the brunt but sometimes our clothes also get smeared with sticky stains that are quite hard to wash off.

One such stubborn stain is of the bike grease that almost, if not always, loves to leave its mark on our clothing. The sticky nature of the grease allows it to leave a visible imprint especially on lighter clothes which can become an arduous task if not addressed timely.

Time is of the essence when dealing with all the stains and bike grease perfectly conforms to this phrase. Nevertheless, there are some proven ways on how to remove bike grease out of clothes that can be very helpful to many bikers out there. But let’s first discuss why bike grease is essential:

Why Do I Need Grease for My Electric Bike?

The use of grease in an electric bike is not just limited to the chain, in fact, even slightly moving parts need grease to maintain fluidity in their motion. The grease reduces friction between the moving parts and thus enables them to move freely without any squeaks. Also, a well-greased cable line or a chain operates with minimal effort from the rider which makes the overall riding experience enjoyable.

Both the grease & anti-seize pastes are great for lubricating moving bicycle parts. In fact, anti-seize paste is regularly used as a bike grease substitute due to its anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistant properties. When applying grease on the chain and cables, ensure that the seat post, stem, and screw threads are all well lubricated so that they don’t fail you in the middle of nowhere.

The Composition of Bike Grease:

Grease, whether it is made for bikes, or any other machine is, in its essence, just a lubricating oil that is processed with thickeners to increase the viscosity. Depending on the type of thickener used and the manufacturing process employed, a grease can either be semi-liquid or fully solid and most greases such as bike bearing greases are semi-liquid.

The characteristic thickness of grease makes it ideal to be used as a lubricant since it would be better able to cope with moist and water splashes. Though, it is important to know that the Lithium and calcium-based soaps used in the manufacturing process are also the main culprits behind the sticky stains left by an accidental spillover of grease.

How to Get Bike Grease Out Within Minutes:

Thankfully, there are several ways to get rid of grease stains but the following three are the tried & tested ways to clean a grease stain. Despite the proven effectiveness of these methods, it is best not to wait for long since stains get stubborn with each passing minute. Immediately deploying any of these methods is the best recourse since it will also minimize the chances of color damage.

Use Dish Detergent:

Dish detergents have the inherent properties of a degreaser and thus are a great choice for freshly greased clothes. Apply a small amount of dish detergent onto a small, spoiled patch and gently rub it. Leave it to dwell for 10-15 minutes and then wash off under hot water. If the stain is still slightly there, then re-do the entire process and hopefully, it will be removed after the second attempt.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda has traditionally been used to remove tough stains and it is also a great substance to fight bike grease. Apply a small amount and allow it to do its magic overnight or for 8-10 hours. Baking soda is basic in nature which is partly why it is great in absorbing different substances. Wipe off the soda after it has dwelled for several hours, rinse it with water, and then leave the cloth to air dry.

Use WD-40 or any Liquid Detergent:

WD-40 is often touted as the cure for virtually every problem on the planet and it can also help you get rid of grease stains. The funny thing is that WD-40 itself is considered a lubricant, but its water-replacing ability allows it to re-activate the dried greasy stain which can then be washed off easily. Most of the time, WD-40 alone would be enough to fight the stain. But sometimes, a good final wash with a detergent would be needed if the stain was left to dry for days. The detergent will not only give a great final look to the cloth but will also take the WD-40 stench off it.

How to Clean Your Ebike Chain:

Before greasing, comes the stage of cleaning the bike chain grease so that the old & adulterated layer of grease drops off and the chain becomes ready to welcome a fresh layer of grease. Cleaning an ebike chain is a simple task and all you need to do is to apply/spray a chain degreaser over the chain and its ring and then wipe them off after a few minutes. To ensure that the new layer of grease sticks properly, thoroughly clean the sprayed components with another dry cloth and let them air dry for a while before applying the new layer.

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