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How to Plan an Electric Bike Camping Trip?

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Camping has always remained a popular recreational activity that has helped mankind in experiencing the nature firsthand. In the modern era, people usually use their 4x4 vehicles to access a remote area to set up a camp, but bikes, specifically ebikes, have also gained popularity as they provide a much closer experience with nature and are easy to navigate through tight spots.

However, every camping trip requires careful planning, and electric bike trips are no exception. This article navigates you through each & every step & planning stage of an ebike camping trip so that you get the most out of your adventure.

How to Plan an Electric Bike Camping Trip?

Having a Bike Route Plan:

Route planning forms the essence of any camping trip and is vital in venturing through the wilderness safely. Without a solid and pre-determined route plan, you’ll be wandering aimlessly which can lead to a variety of problems. Therefore, the following measures should be well taken care of when going on long-distance bike rides:

1) Destination Proximity

The proximity of your camping site to the nearest town or population matters a lot, particularly on a bike camping trip. The closer you are to a populated area, the easier it will be to get someone for help. Despite full preparation, unwanted situations can occur, therefore, it is always a good idea not to venture too far off the populated areas.

2) Terrain

The prospects of mountain bike camping do sound enticing but it is also important to take an ebike that can counter the tough terrain of a mountainous region. Generally, it is a good idea to take a pro with you in case you are going on rocky terrain for the first time. Moreover, avoid going through a congested route as it spoils the fun of a bike camping trip.

3) Weather Forecast & ebike Range

Though this may sound a bit obvious, many people don't even bother to check the weather forecast especially if the destination hasn't got a history of a harsh climate. Checking the weather forecast from multiple resources should be an important point on your checklist and if there is even a slight chance of a storm then the ideal course of action should be to select another location or to postpone the trip altogether.

Ebikes are fitted with Li-ion batteries that have a limited range. The range isn't a major problem if the terrain is welcoming, but bike camping on terrains like that of Florida necessitates a thick or an additional battery pack. Hence, it is pertinent to take adequate measures when venturing on long-distance bike rides or mountain bike camping.

Factors We Should Consider for a Bike Packing Trip?

How to Plan an Electric Bike Camping Trip?

A great bike camping trip depends upon your planning and the planning, in turn, relies upon several factors which essentially form the foundation of a bike-packing trip. Some crucial factors include the amenities/gear you are going to take, time availability, financial constraints, and the amount of energy you are ready to expand on your bike trip. The planning stage then relies on these factors, but a greater degree of flexibility in the factors leads to better planning & less anxiety.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, there are some additional factors too, that are mentioned below:

  • The type of your ebike

  • Group travel or solo

  • Communication channels’ availability

Equipment to Pack with an Ebike:

When packing the equipment with your ebike, make sure that you are packing only the necessities that fit perfectly well with your electric bike. Overloading will only cause a greater burden, and not only will it be difficult to pack & unpack all the equipment, but it will also reduce your ebike’s range.

Keeping a minimalist approach, the only vital equipment such as a sleeping bag, toiletry kit, snacks, water, stove, tent, or hammock should be kept on a bike camping trip. Some spares such as tire repair kit, tools, knife, and brake wire should also be a must component of your long-distance bike rides.

Measuring the Range of a Fully Charged ebike Battery:

The range or how far can you go on your ebike on a fully charged battery is one of the most pressing questions an ebike owner or a person planning for a bike camping tour has in his/her mind. Long-distance bike rides are probably the best way to gauge the full potential of the battery attached to your ebike, though, you will need a bike-riding distance tracker to precisely measure the miles you’ve covered.

Apart from the procedure & the equipment, numerous factors play their part in the usable range of an ebike's battery, such factors include the usage of paddle assist, rider weight & size, and the terrain. To elaborate, an average rider on a flat surface will be able to extract more range compared to a heavier rider who is continuously using electric power or paddle assist on hilly terrain.

Pro Tips: How to Maximize Your ebike’s Battery Life:

Every Li-ion battery used in ebikes has a certain lifespan after which it ceases to perform efficiently and its performance starts to degrade, but there are some measures that you can take to maximize an ebike’s battery life. The #1 enemy of a Li-ion battery is heat, which is why you see a warning label on them saying not to bring it in direct contact with heat. Also, store your ebike’s battery in a cool place, especially whilst it is recharging because they tend to get hot during the process.

Excessive charging can lead to a swollen battery, therefore, try to unplug the charger as soon as the charging is complete. And yes, I know there is a safety mechanism that automatically turns off the charging, but still, it is a good idea to be a bit precautious.

The third pro tip is to keep your battery charged at an optimum level at all times, even if you don't use it on your bike. There are internal systems that rely on a steady flow of charge which is why this tip is great to keep them running. Lastly, always use the OEM charger supplied with the battery as they are made to provide just the right amount of voltage to the battery and are much less prone to overheating & short circuits.

What are the Best Ebikes for a Bike Camping Trip?

What are the Best Ebikes for a Bike Camping Trip?

Not every ebike is made to withstand or traverse through the tough terrain encountered on the way to a hilly camping trip. Consequently, it is important to choose the best available ebike for mountain bike camping. Sdream’s X750S has, therefore, been purpose-made for camping trips and has every feature designed to conquer the toughest of the terrains. Try the X750S once, and I am sure you will have a hard time finding a better camping ebike.

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