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Fat Tires vs Plus Size Tires on Electric Bike

Tires play a crucial role in the ride quality & overall dynamics of any vehicle and ebikes, just like bicycles, are no exception. Though, unlike cars, there are only a limited number of ebike tire varieties that are popular amongst the riders. Fat tires & plus-size tires are the two types that are widely discussed & considered by seasoned as well as amateur ebike users for their day-to-day rides. So, what advantages do fat tires provide over plus size tires, and what makes them a better choice for your ebike?

This article will dive deep into the pros of fat tire ebikes which will help you understand why they are so popular nowadays.
Fat Tires vs Plus Size Tires on Electric Bike

What are Fat Tires & Why So Many Ebikes Use Them?

Fat tires, as the name suggests, are wider/beefier than normal ebike tires. The main philosophy behind their usage is to reduce the overall pressure of the bike & rider by providing extra surface contact. In addition to increased surface contact, fat tire ebikes are also known for providing several additional benefits.

Ebikes brands, at first, were rather slow to adapt to fat tires but their popularity skyrocketed once riders showered heaps of praise over them. The incredible versatility of fat tire e-bikes in conjunction with several other pros have made them a popular choice amongst ebike users of all age groups.

What are the Advantages of Fat Tire Ebikes?

Fat tire e-bikes offer widespread advantages over simple tires in exchange for rather minute trade-offs. Apart from their practical benefits, they’re also great for adding a contemporary touch to any ebike since they have been trendy for quite some time. The following paras perfectly enlist & describe the myriad pros of fat tire e-bikes which will undoubtedly make fat tire ebikes an enticing option for you.
What are the Advantages of Fat Tire Ebikes?

Resistible to Any Weather Condition:

Bad weather can sometimes unexpectedly spoil well-laid out plans, however, you can pretty much say goodbye to bad weather woes with a fat tire ebike. The increased surface contact together with the exceptional grip provided by fat tires makes them a perfect choice to traverse through all kinds of tricky terrains. In short, fat tire ebikes combine the best properties of both the street & mountain bikes which makes them ideal for year-round usage.

Excellent Versatility:

Since fat tire e-bikes combine the best possible features of mountain & street bikes, therefore, their versatility far exceeds the versatility of normal ebikes. With a fat tire ebike, you can comfortably plan & execute a trip even to the remotest area and at the same time use the same ebike for grocery runs.

Stable & Comfortable Ride:

The thick width & tire wall of a fat tire allows it to absorb imperfections flawlessly and thus provide a cushy ride on uneven surfaces. Also, fat tires take a considerable strain off the suspension system which reduces wear & tear that ultimately elongates the lifespan of a relatively expensive component. Since fat tires are equipped with more tread and rubber, therefore, they are better at cornering which elevates the confidence of the rider and allows him/her to explore the unexplored dimensions of an electric bike.

Low Maintenance Needed:

Fat tire e-bikes are undoubtedly pricier than standard ebikes, but they justify their cost in the long run by being light on maintenance. In addition to their rugged off-roading-oriented tires, their whole structure is built tough so that the ebike can pass the test of time. The perfect combination of form & functionality explains why fat tire ebikes are penetrating the market at such a rapid pace.

Definitely Fun to Ride:

It's a no-brainer that a bike capable of venturing into the wilderness and tackling challenging road conditions would absolutely be fun to ride all year round. Fat tire ebikes in essence, are a scaled-down version of 4x4 vehicles that in addition to being light on the pocket are also environmentally friendly.

What are the Sizes for Plus-Sized Tires?

It is generally hard for a layman to distinguish between a fat tire & a plus-sized tire and rightly so. The differences between both are minuscule and only a careful eye can reveal the true identity. To begin with, plus-sized bike tires are generally lighter than fat tires which has its ups & downs. A lighter tire requires less input both from the rider & the electric propulsion system of an ebike. On the flip side, a lighter tire isn’t as grippy as a fat tire and thus stability is a bit compromised.

As far as sizes for plus-sized tires are concerned, the entire range starts from 2.5 inches and continues till 3.25 inches. Exceptions do exist but most mainstream plus-sized tires are generally built upon the aforementioned measurements.

Where Can I Shop Flat Tire Electric Bikes?
Where Can I Shop Flat Tire Electric Bikes?

Fat tire electric bikes are the talk of the town these days and understandably every brand is churning out its own version of fat tire ebike. However, if you want the best of the best then Sdream’s X 750S is your best buddy. Not only does the X 750S provide all the benefits of a fat tire ebike, but it is also foldable meaning you carry it in the back of your car anywhere you go. The robust suspension system together with the folding mechanism & fat tires makes Sdream's X 750S the best all-around fat tire electric bike you can get at an affordable price point.

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