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Difference Between Ebikes & Mopeds

The modern era has bestowed us with several mobility solutions and an increasing number of them are transitioning to fully electric powertrains. There’s no doubt that a greater number of choices have ultimately benefited the consumers, but they have also confused many of us since many transportation solutions just look so similar to one another when, in fact, they are inherently distinct. Two such breeds are mopeds & ebikes that are rapidly gaining traction, especially amongst the youth. Here we will lay down the differences between electric bikes vs mopeds so that you get a better idea of what you will be putting your money on.

What Is an Electric Bike?

An ebike, as the name suggests, is an electrified version of a simple bicycle. Composing a small battery and an electric motor, most ebikes only provide assistance when the rider is pedaling. Some, on the other hand, do provide the capability to coast on electric power alone.

Difference Between Ebikes & Mopeds

What Is a Moped?

Mopeds are a younger sibling of regular scooters in a sense that both look & operate in a quite similar way. This has also made moped vs scooter a regularly searched query on the internet and a fiercely debated topic. However, a moped is equipped with a smaller engine or an electric motor, both of which are sometimes accompanied by pedals that bring them to life. Since mopeds are a knocked-down version of mainstream scooters & motorcycles, therefore, they are also governed by less stringent licensing & regulatory requirements.

What Should I Know Before Buying an Ebike?

Electric bikes may look quite simple on the outside and they, in fact, are simple. But, as with any other machine, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Enlisted below are some of the major points that every potential ebike buyer should consider before spending his hard-earned money:


Price is, without a doubt, one of the most important variables when one’s out on the hunt for an ebike. Electric bikes are increasingly becoming affordable for the masses and on average, their price ranges between $400 to $2500. Of course, the price depends on a variety of factors such as the brand, design, electric propulsion & storage system used, etc. Nevertheless, you will easily find an ebike for your day-to-day needs at around $1500. All in all, price is one factor where electric bike vs moped discussion somewhat converges.

Laws & Regulations:

Although there isn't much to know about laws & regulations regarding ebikes, an overall understanding always comes in handy. The vast majority of states in the U.S don't require any registration or a driver's license to drive an ebike. Such lax laws have also contributed greatly in favor of electric bikes, which is the reason why they are high in demand nowadays.


Since ebikes are classified as non-motorized vehicles, therefore, there’s no need to insure them. However, like many other laws governing the sale & use of ebikes, there are also some exceptions when it comes to insurance. Therefore, it is a good idea to check your state's laws regarding ebike in order to gain full clarification. Also, ebikes aren’t exactly cheap, thus, insuring them provides peace of mind since bike thefts are occurring in record numbers these days.

What Should I Know Before Buying an Ebike?

Safety Gear:

Safety occupies paramount importance whether you're riding a motorcycle, bicycle, or an ebike. Whilst chances of injury are comparatively lesser when riding an ebike, nonetheless, it is a good idea to wear a helmet and elbow & knee pads. The use of safety gear may not be enforced in many states, but it is up to the rider to take necessary measures in order to reduce the chances of major injury in case of a crash.

Where to Park?

Parking is one of the many areas where both ebikes & foldable mopeds excel the same. There may not be as many designated parking areas for ebikes & mopeds as cars & motorcycles, their compactness largely makes up for it by allowing riders to park in congested areas. Furthermore, foldable ebikes can also be comfortably stored in the trunk of even a small car which is an added advantage.


Ebikes are accompanied by a compact but energy-dense Li-ion battery that is surprisingly easy to charge mainly because it is detachable. Depending upon the juice the battery already has, it will probably take three to at most eight hours to fully recharge the battery. With an average rate of $0.10-$0.20/kWh, it will cost nearly 8-18 cents for 50-100 miles of range.

Maintenance Cost:

Electric bikes may not be as complex as electric cars, but they do need some maintenance if you want them to serve you faithfully. However, the maintenance they need is quite affordable and is only needed once in a while, which sheds a considerable burden off the busy owners. Moreover, the maintenance can easily be done at home with basic tools which further reduces expenses.

Differences Between Electric Bike vs Moped:

Both electric bikes and mopeds belong to a different breed but unfortunately, they are often confused as similar kinds, especially the mopeds that have an electric propulsion system.

Electric bikes are quite similar to simple bicycles with the presence of a battery and motor being the only differentiating factors between the two. Mopeds, on the other hand, are eerily similar to scooters, in fact, gasoline-powered mopeds are a toned-down version of regular scooters.

Electric bikes aren’t governed by laws & regulations of motorized vehicles, whereas mopeds generally are. This is precisely the reason why, in the majority of cases, you would be required to show a valid license, registration, and insurance in case you are driving a moped.

Shop Ebikes from Sdream:

Combing through a wide range of electric bikes can be a cumbersome task especially when most of them seem to be substandard products. At Sdream, we know what an ebike buyer is looking for and we strive to deliver him/her an ebike made with the highest production standards. In addition to that, the quirky features such as the folding mechanism and the dashing looks make our electric bikes worth every dime they are priced at. Trusted & highly rated by numerous customers and reliable news platforms, Sdream is your one-stop-shop for the ebike you truly want.

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