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Can You Ride an Electric Bike to Get Fit?

Bicycles are rapidly becoming a common sight in many regions thanks to their eco-friendly nature and health benefits. The same can be said for electric bikes since they are a modern & beefed-up version of simple bicycles. However, there is still some ambiguity surrounding the effectiveness of ebikes as a tool to get exercise to remain in better shape. Ebike owners too sometimes can be found on various forums asking whether or not ebikes are a good source of exercise. To settle this debate, we have decided to dedicate this article just to this query so that the clouds of uncertainty can be dispelled once & for all.

The Beauty of Electric Bikes:

Electric bikes combine the best features of bicycles & full-fledged electric motorcycles and therefore are a great mode of transportation. Their rising popularity is evident by the fact that their sales numbers are estimated to swell from 3.7 million to 17 million per year by 2030. Ebikes provide partial electric assistance which is why they are more user-friendly especially for the older folks. Apart from the classic riding pleasure, you can also extract the same health benefits from an ebike that you avail from a bicycle. In essence, electric bikes provide the best of both worlds and that too for all age groups.

Which Core Muscles are Used When Riding an Ebike?

Are ebikes a good source of exercise? This question certainly pops up in the mind of every ebike owner. Ebikes in their simplest form are just bicycles that have been retrofitted with an electric motor & a compact yet dense battery. Naturally, their weight is significantly more than bicycles which means that you will get to burn more calories propelling them, provided the pedal-assist is off. The core muscles remain actively engaged during the entire process of balancing and pedaling an ebike which ultimately helps your lower torso remain in a better shape. In addition to the core muscles, legs & joints also participate in the whole drill, thus making your entire journey quite a purposeful endeavor.

Medical Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike:

We have already briefly covered some of the health benefits of riding an electric bike, however, some additional health advantages deserve a mention. To begin with, the most crucial benefit of riding electric bikes is the overall betterment of the cardiovascular system which, in turn, improves life expectancy & reduces risks of cardiac arrest. Furthermore, electric bikes can be a great way of improving lungs’ capacity which can be very helpful for marathon runners or swimmers. Pedaling a stationary bike is a boring task for many of us, on the other hand, ebikes are not only fun to ride & beneficial for health but they also allow you to save considerable time in the gym.

Using Ebike as an Active Mode of Transportation:

Utilizing your ebike as a regular means of transportation not only provides numerous health benefits but also frees up time to take care of other tasks. The positive effects of cardio exercises have already been proven scientifically and what better way would there be to do cardio than using ebikes. The psychological impact of riding your ebike in an open environment just can’t be compared with the cardio routine done in a confined environment of a gym.

It wasn’t long ago that using an ebike or a bicycle alongside road traffic was seen as a daring task. However, nowadays there are plenty of dedicated bike paths earmarked to be used by bikers and the people too are quite welcoming for us bikers. It would be a shame not to put your ebike to good use in such a welcoming environment, which is why we suggest every ebike owner utilize his/her ebike as an active means of transportation rather than just using it for casual trips on weekends.

Using an Electric Bike to Get Fit:

It is a popular misconception that electric bikes are inferior to bicycles when the health benefits of both are compared side by side. The pedal-assist & electric-only modes are just there for the convenience of the rider, in fact, these modes are great for getting a moment of respite on long trips. The pedal assist modes are configurable which translates into varying amounts of force needed to apply on the pedal. This clever technique can be a great way of training your leg muscles as they will be subjugated to various intensity levels. Also, the pedal-assist modes are ideally suited for the elderly who can't propel their bike on manual power alone. Since senior citizens aren’t frequent gym visitors, therefore, ebikes can prove to be their loyal friends for workouts.

The above description may have portrayed to you a softer image of ebikes, the reality however is sort of a mixed bag. As mentioned earlier, ebikes are significantly heavier than bicycles which essentially means you will need to apply greater force to propel them without pedal-assist mode. This versatility of electric bikes makes them a great instrument to get in the best possible shape & form for all age groups.

Riding with a Better Speed vs Traditional Bike:

One major advantage of ebikes is their capability to achieve top speeds of over 20 mph in electric-only mode. The 20-mph figure can be further extended if a rider is willing to apply some manual force. Nonetheless, the point is ebikes are way more fun than bicycles and the thrill achieved as a result of high speed frees up your mind from the anxieties & boredom of the outside world. It is also important to remember that the full potential of an ebike should only be unleashed at a safe course that is free from pedestrians & other traffic.

Go on a Cycling Vacation:

Cycling vacations are a relatively unfamiliar concept that is gaining traction at a surprisingly fast pace. It is somewhat similar to bike camping trips, instead in a cycling vacation you don't camp at a spot. The best cycling vacation is all about exploring the scenic beauty of mother nature & interacting with the locals. Apart from exploring nature firsthand, cycling vacations are also a great way of giving your body & soul an extensive workout. So, the next time you are planning a vacation, why not consider a unique tour such as an ebike trip that will both be fun & cost-effective at the same time.

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